TopicWhat to Eat at McDonald's While on a Diet - 7 Healthy Meal Choices

  • Sat 23rd Mar 2019 - 7:09am

    What can you eat at McDonald's while on a diet? This article provides 7 healthy meal choices at the famous Renew Magnesium Spray Review   fast food restaurant with calories counted for you. Yes, you can even have a burger and nuggets! Eating at fast food restaurants can be difficult, but even at McDonald's, you can make better choices and stay within your calorie and fat gram counts.

    1) The first option is for those summer weekends when the smell of barbecue is filling the air and you are feeling left out. For this fix, head to McDonald's for a hamburger, small fry and a packet of barbecue sauce. Use the sauce for your burger and french fries for that smokey, BBQ vibe. Then top it off with a diet coke all for a total of 535 calories and 20 fat grams. This is the highest calorie count of all the "healthy" meals listed, but sometimes, you just have to have a burger and french fries.

    2) Chicken McNuggets are another craving food that sometimes just has to be indulged. You can do it! Try the 4 piece nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, a side salad with Newman's Own Low Fat Balsamic and an unsweet tea. The taste of nuggets for just 275 calories and 13 fat grams.

    3) -Bacon Ranch Salad with grilled chicken, again with Newman's Own Low Fat Balsamic dressing. If you have to have ranch, bring your own lower fat version. Don't be shy, just whip it out of your purse! For 280 calories and 12 fat grams, you deserve to show people how smart you are!


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