TopicSimple Strategies to Make Your Own Luck and Prosperity

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 12:15pm

    Once you achieve success in a part of your life, the "success trait"  Law of Attraction  will infest the rest of your life. You'll look better, be a stronger minded individual and surround yourself with successful people. Success has a major positive influence on your mentality. Success will help to stay in a state of happiness and overcome pitfalls in your life which would otherwise make you depressed.You will be able to revolutionize and positively affect other people's lives That's right, when you achieve success, people will begin to come to you in hordes, asking for suggestions and advices. You will now be in a position to help others achieve what you did and thereby enrich the quality of their lives. Thus, what emerges is that, success will always help you to make positive changes in your life and in other's lives too. That should be reason enough for you to try to achieve success for yourself and for those that you care for.

    Success is a big issue and something that a lot of people strive for and seek to obtain. Over the last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about success and what it means for me to be successful. The last year has been filled with failure after failure in my online business and it has left me with a sense of purposelessness and I definitely do no feel successful.When you are talking about success it is really important to note that there is no one definition of success. This is because every person you will ever meet has a different background, a different life and different hopes and aspirations for their future. Because of this difference success will be different depending on the person.

    Lets look at an example. I am a Christian and a believer in God, therefore part of me being successful will involve serving God and bringing glory to him. I may do this through helping people, through preaching, through building a big business and giving money to the church or to orphanages, but ultimately a factor of my success will be my spirituality and how well I have served and honored God. Then on the other hand you may have a Muslim, who's success will be partly defined by serving his or her God Allah. My definition of success will look different to the Muslim's definition of success because we are serving different Gods.


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