TopicThe Ugly Truth About Hemorrhoids

  • Mon 23rd Sep 2019 - 6:50am

    A simple form of treatment for hemorrhoid relief, mainly for mild problems, is the use of an injection of Hemorrhoids Horror Healed  medicine in the mucous membrane at the site or effected part. The pain part is taken care by the age old procedure of anesthesia. This injection gives a soothing and comforting feeling to the body. This injection works by contracting the blood vessels and it reduces the size of hemorrhoid too. One more process is bipolar electrotherapy which also hits at the mucous membrane close to the region affected through a directed coagulation effect.Hemorrhoidolysis involve the utilization of therapeutic galvanic waves on the hemorrhoid. By this method the effected part's size gets reduced, and also softens it by a chemical reaction. This is one of the best methods to tackle with the internal hemorrhoids available today.

    The Hemorrhoid is sometimes also referred is Rectual Lump or Lump in the Rectum and also Piles. The Hemorrhoid is actually swollen or inflammation of veins in the lower portion of rectum or anus. It can be caused from increased pressure in the veins of anus. They can be very painful. Hemorrhoids commonly occurred to those who don't get enough exercise or eat insufficient dietary fiber. Hemorrhoid can also occur sometimes after childbirth or during pregnancy. Also, it can be caused from repeated episodes of diarrhea.The Hemorrhoid can be classified in two categories: Internal and External. Although these two forms of Hemorrhoids are quite different from each other but some people have both of these forms of Hemorrhoids same time.

    Internal Hemorrhoid: This occurs outside the anal verge or simply we can say inside anal canal. They are also referred as prolapsed Hemorrhoid because they prolapsed outside the anus. They appear in grape like masses. However, the prolapsed type Internal Hemorrhoids can be pushed back with finger tips. They are less painful then the External Hemorrhoids.External Hemorrhoid: They lie just outside the anal opening or inside the rectum. The External one is much more painful than the Internal one because it produces a sudden firm and painful swelling.

    The Hemorrhoids occurs for only short period of time. Most Hemorrhoids disappear within a few days. When the Hemorrhoids occurs in pregnant women's it improves itself dramatically and after childbirth it disappears.To remain safe from Hemorrhoids you should do regular exercise, add more fiber to your diet, drink up to glasses of water daily.Hemorrhoid is the swelling and inflammation of the veins (vein) in the rectum or anal area. And an estimated 50-85% of the world population will experience symptoms of hemorrhoids in a particular period in his life.


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