TopicHow to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays

  • Wed 18th Sep 2019 - 10:42am

    If you are like most people you're likely to gain 5-10 pounds over the holiday season.  Leptitox Review     The reason for this is obvious, there are all kinds of fattening treats that are thrust in your face from well-meaning friends who want you to test their delicious concoctions. Saying no to every offering would probably be construed as being rude. This does not mean you have to stuff your face with food that you know will end up putting 10 pounds on you during the holiday season. The key is that you eat treats in moderation. Since you know you will be eating foods high in calories and likely high in fat during this time of the season you need to be sure that you are eating healthy in your own home environment.

    If you maintain good healthy eating habits when you cook foods for yourself at home during most of the holiday meals, you can splurge a little at parties and on specific holiday dinners. Just remember that during holiday meals that you eat foods in moderation and don't over stuff yourself just because others are doing the same.Also, you might want to increase your level of exercise activity over the holiday period so that you'll be burning off more calories, which will enable you to eat a little more but still maintain your ideal weight. If you can maintain your normal weight through the holidays then you don't have to go on a diet like most people do starting the first of the year.

    Starting off the New Year at your ideal weight enables you to concentrate on other New Year's goals that have nothing to do with losing weight. The majority of Americans pledge on January 1 of every year that they are going to lose 10 pounds. Most never lose those 10 pounds and after many years the weight begins to add up to the point where a person becomes overweight or obese. By following these few simple steps you won't end up having that happen to you.


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