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  • Wed 18th Sep 2019 - 10:03am

    Have low intensity graphics If you are not an ardent gaming user then you can afford to run computer  Newscaster Vocalizer  faster with low intensity graphics.Uninstall unused software and programs: It is very common that people install a number of computer programs and then stop using them. These unused programs shall be removed to increase the computer speed.The above guidelines were really helpful to speed up my computer. These are safe and do impact computer performance in a positive way.

    You may agree with me that using a computer which takes ages to boot and to execute commands sort of beats the purpose of having it in the first place. With so many software and hardware dealers out there, you may have little option but to purchase one program after program with the hope of solving this computer issues. What if you could perform a few easy tasks and have your computer work faster for free?

    Well, one way you could do that is by use of the defrag application available on Microsoft Windows. What it does, is to collect all files pertaining to one program centrally so that less time is taken for the hard disk to load any program as it would if it were to access them from separate locations. Although it takes time, it sure is worth it and will make quite a difference on your processor's speed.

    The Uninstallation of programs could also be the culprit since some programs leave some remnant of themselves which may litter the registry and with time, may not just slow down your PC, but may also make it crash. Therefore, instead of just clicking on remove program on the control panel, go to the program's file and click on the uninstall option, sometimes labeled 'clean uninstall'. If the option is not there, find out how to do a full uninstall from the program manufacturer.


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