TopicToo Much Concentrated Food

  • Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 7:08am

    Here is the thing; when people eat something they often go for look and taste.  5 Minute Belly Burner   b Water content which is considered as an important dietary factor, often neglected. People know water is important for body function. They know body use water to control the temperature (homeostasis). They know this but they still go for concentrated food i.e. low water content food. Example of water rich food which is the opposite of concentrated food is fruit.

    Typically, for a concentrated food to be digested, the body requires longer hours. Compare to a fruit like melon, the body can digest it almost instantly. And what does this mean? It means less time it takes to digest the food, the less it stays inside the body, and less by products it produces after digestion.

    Do you get the picture?

    Based on these 2 factors, I start making changes to the kind of food I eat more and my reaction towards eating when I am stress. Just by altering these eating habits, I already feel the positive impact in less than 2 weeks. I have more energy, explore new ways to combat stress, and best of all, I finally keep the excess weight off.




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