TopicWhat Manner of Christian Are You?

  • Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 5:29am

    False Christians

    Paul, the Apostle, warned Timothy to be on the lookout for a particular type false "believer" Duality  who had infiltrated the church. This particular type of "believer", according to 2 Timothy 3:5, had "...a form of godliness, but denied the power thereof..." Timothy was told to "turn away" from this type of people. Today, we see these "false Christians" in places where they can play the "I'm a religious person" game, but and because there is no accountability, they can fulfill some sort of apparent social or personal obligation to attend church and at the same time, remain "guilt free" in the hidden sins in their own lives. The number of these "churches" is on the increase, and they are a frightening danger within the "body of Christ". There influence is felt all the way to the White House, which affects America's core. Is it a wonder also, that "right to choice" advocates can find comfort and sanctuary in these so called churches?

    Carnal Christians

    As the Holy Spirit begins to convince people of their sinful nature and they receive Christ as savior, they can take one of two paths. Many "new" believers who receive Him as "Savior" do so as a form of "fire insurance". They seem to be settled in the fact that "now I am saved and at least I won't go the hell...". And that is as far as they go. One of the issues attached to this mentality is the conflict over the doctrine of the "eternal security" of the believer. Volumes have been written (convincingly on both sides of the issue) about the security of the believer and can not be addressed in this limited space. The most important attribute of this issue is, " who sits on the throne of your life"? If "SELF" is the center of your life, then you are carnal or "a natural man".




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