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  • Fri 14th Feb 2020 - 8:31am

    Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and can be found anywhere on the body. Age Defying Energy  Normally skin coloured and painless in nature they can nevertheless be unsightly and cause embarrassment. They may at times become itchy or bothersome depending on where on the body they are located.

    Often contagious they may spread to other parts of the body. Warts may disappear of the own accord though this may take years and they can reappear, often on the same spot. Of course verrucas can be painful due to the fact they are located on the sole of the foot.

    If you've got warts you want removed then you've probably already found out about the usual methods of getting rid of them; such as freezing them off. I'm not sure if it's an "Urban Myth" but there are plenty of stories about how to use duct tape to remove warts. Apparently you have to apply the duct tape and leave it on for some weeks which causes irritation (not surprising) and the body's defences attack and destroy the offending wart. If it works at all it's said to take months! Not very practical for facial warts, and it sounds about as reliable as the dead cat in the cemetery at midnight method favoured by Huck Finn.



  • Fri 14th Feb 2020 - 10:45am

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