Topic Have You Lost Your Focus?

  • Thu 31st May 2018 - 8:31am

    Do your utmost to let go of your desires if something came up Raikov Effect Review that interests you more or you just changed your mind once you have made a commitment. When you say something, then that becomes the absolute law that must be fulfilled. Live with this law and you will find that you will start to think much more carefully about what you promise or say. This in itself is a wonderful practice to cultivate constant consciousness and awareness.

    Discipline. You must have a practice of something to do daily. Meditate for 30 minutes, do a particular exercise, yoga, running. Any forced effort at the same time every day. Without discipline, you will not have the mental strength to make you better each day.

    Attention to Details. This trait sets one apart from others. This is being aware. To see each little thing, to notice the bug on the ground before stepping on it by accident, to know that the glass is too close to the edge of the table before you knock it over. Keep your eyes open and your mind present. This is done by simply paying attention and putting in the effort to be aware at each moment. Continuous practice of this difficult trait to acquire is invaluable. This is power.

  • Sat 2nd Jun 2018 - 2:05pm

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