TopicInfo on Runescape 2007 Scheduling Update & Weekly Livestream Changes

  • Thu 13th Aug 2020 - 11:04am

    According to the recent official news post, there are some changes made to OSRS update and weekly livestream. Game updates will now take place on Wednesday mornings.

    OSRS update future scheduling changes

    It has been confirmed in the recent official news post that some adjustment will be made to regular OSRS update. Here are some long-term changes: 
    -Game updates will now take place on Wednesday mornings. This change comes after a review the update practices and allows the develop team more time post-update to monitor and engage with the update after its release. The team will still aim for usual 11:30am BST release time. 
    -The weekly livestreams will move to Thursday evenings. This will take effect from Thursday 27th August onward, and they'll remain at the usual time of 5pm BST on twitch channel.

    Changes for this week & next week

    In addition to the above longer-term changes, the following changes affecting the schedule over the next two weeks will also be made: 
    This week, the game update will take place on Wednesday 12th August. The team will aim for the usual time of 11:30am BST, with the regular 30-minute countdown (starting at 11am BST). The weekly livestream will take place on Wednesday 12th at the usual time of at 5pm BST. 
    Next week, there will be no game update. The weekly livestream will take place on Wednesday 19th August at the normal time of at 5pm BST.

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