TopicHow a Mastermind Group Will Boost Your Success

  • Mon 13th Jan 2020 - 9:48am

    Take your job for example. You work 40+ hours per week. You get paid a pretty nice  The Light Code salary and some benefits, so you are content with that. Think about it. In order for the company to stay in business, they must make a profit. For easy math, let's say they pay you $50,000 annually. And they add on an additional $5000 annually in benefits. All added up that is $55,000 the company invests in you.

    Since that is an investment, a 10% rate of return will yield a total return of $60,500. For employing you the company made $5,000. Keep in mind, businesses make much greater returns that this on employees. We did 10% for easy math.Now consider if you became the company. What if you hired people and collected payments for them doing the work. That's where the magic begins! This is one way the rich keep getting richer. They understand and apply the concept of leverage. Learn it, use it!

    What's required to make a person successful?I mean, what is at the very root of their success?Some people will say money; others will say talent and college degrees, or being at the right place at the right time, etc. And while these may be valid reasons that contribute to success, these factors siphon the ideology that success is for some and failure is for others.What if I didn't go to college? What if I don't have lots of money? Am I predetermined for failure? Absolutely not!And just because someone possesses a doctorate in one hand and a silver spoon in the other does that predetermine their success? Again, no.However, the world partitions successful people in just this way.

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