TopicUsing a Knee Strap to Reduce Knee Pain

  • Mon 13th Jan 2020 - 7:25am

    This can occur for numerous reasons including the fact that the body may have Projoint Plus compensated for the injury and that compensation now causes more pain. This includes the body's own creation of scar tissue or adhesions which are a natural mechanism for healing, but the scar tissue itself may be pressing on nerves or have trapped pain nerve fibers within the tissue that now causes more pain.

    Long term pain can also be from unknown causes but this does not invalidate the patient's perception of pain. Pain occurs for a reason and if it persists, there is a problem.Chronic pain stimulates the nerves continually and if not resolved can make the nerves more sensitive to pain. This is another downward spiral that can affect those with back pain. Over time, there is so much stimulation of the nerve in the form of pain that it actually changes the nerve and causes ongoing pain even after the problem has been resolved. It seems that the pain signals to the nervous system even without tissue damage.

    One of the unfortunate outcomes of chronic pain can be depression. It is now widely known that pain is the physical sensation that also has a psychological element which is why it can be so difficult to treat and live with long term. Pain affects a person's perception of life and this can lead to symptoms of depression due to the frustration and isolation associated with the inability to find relief.

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