TopicThe Source of Fear

  • Tue 15th Oct 2019 - 7:10am

    What are you afraid of What is it you fear Death Public speaking Memory Protocol Ebook Review  Conflict Loss of control Loss of power Loss of esteem Discomfort Illness Pain The unknownGenerally, we recognize fear as a negative, disempowering emotion. The energy fear exerts, the impact of fear gripping our bodies, amounts to stress; physical, emotional, psychological. Fear is wholly and entirely experienced in the body. We produce, accept, invite in, the emotion of fear by interpreting sensory perceptions; that is, through judging the circumstances we perceive or by projecting into the future. These mental projections may be tangible, localized in time and space, plausible, inevitable, or imagined.

    Courage, however, is the ability to sort through the perceptions, in an instant or over time, and realize the actual gravity of the event relative to the true and enduring nature of spirit. Courage recognizes what matters, and when it comes to fear, most things don't.

    We broadly distinguish between two types of fear: physical - a threat to the body and/or existence; or emotional - a threat to psychological status and/or expectations. With physical fear, energy erupts from the body's sensing of a threat; the potential for pain. With emotional fear, the body generates energy by a construct of the mind. In both cases, if not checked, the mind actually accelerates the energy of fear.



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