TopicThe Basics of Diabetes Control

  • Tue 1st Oct 2019 - 5:18am

    Diabetes is incredibly common in today's society.Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Blueprint Review   More and more people are developing diabetes and even a larger number of babies are being born with it every single year. Diabetes is serious and can severely affect someone's life, which is why it's important to understand diabetes control and how to obtain it if you find that you are suffering from diabetes.

    Diabetes: The Basics
    Diabetes is a condition wherein someone has a blood sugar level that is too high and unhealthy for one's body. It results from one of two problems: the body either stops producing its own insulin, which controls the blood sugar level. Or the body is still producing insulin as it should, but something interferes with the body's cells' ability to process that insulin correctly. Either of these is dangerous.

    There are actually two separate types of diabetes. The first type, known as type 1 diabetes, is more serious and incurable. Type 1 is often the type of diabetes someone is born with. Many people who are born with it will end up going blind. With type 1 diabetes, the body stops producing the insulin it needs. Thus, insulin injections are required to keep their blood sugar levels under control.The second type of diabetes it diabetes type 2. Type 2 diabetes is defined by something called "insulin resistance." In other words, the cells in the body stop being able to process insulin correctly. There is a third type of diabetes as well, gestational diabetes. Pregnant women will sometimes end up with high glucose during their pregnancy and they will have to monitor their blood sugar closely to ensure that they and their baby make it through the pregnancy safely.

    The Importance of Diabetes Control
    It's important to maintain diabetes control because the complications from it can be deadly. In addition to things that are relatively mild - frequent urination, increased thirst and hunger and even weight loss - there are complications that are more deadly. It's common for people to develop eye problems like cataracts or glaucoma, for instance. Even diabetic retinopathy - bleeding and damage to the eyes - can occur.





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