TopicThree Main Causes of Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus)

  • Thu 12th Sep 2019 - 5:16am

    Have you ever noticed how a blow to the ears in a fight causes Tinnitus Terminator Review your ears to ring in a weird way. Well this is actually proof that damage brings about such a condition. But this is not the only known cause and there are other ones that have recently popped up. Listening to loud music might be a hell of fun but it is not healthy. Sounds that are generally considered too loud are those in the 80 to 110 decibels range. Such music is categorized to include Rock, Rap, lawn mowers, drums as well as chain saws. So if any of these sound familiar then they could be the cause.

    Apart from these tinnitus is also brought about by wax build up. When you do not clean ears regularly wax eventually builds up causing your ears to be blocked. So in order to inform you of this the body responds by producing that sound. But all this aside, stress is another major cause. The weird sound that comes from the ears is a sign that something is not well. Naturally the body alerts you of any conditions that you should be aware of by triggering responses like this. Constant ringing ears are a real problem in our present industrialized world where a lot of noises and stresses exist.

    On a surface level of understanding you must know one thing. The sound that comes out in this manner is in most cases caused by injuring your inner ear. Such injury can stem from a variety of sources. A simple blow to the ears can bring about nerve damage or damage to the inner part of the ear. But there is the occasional instance where a blow or cleaning ears with rough materials do not suffice as the only known causes. There are situations where extremely loud sounds over the normal standard of 60 decibels trigger this. But apart from these possible causes stress and the buildup of wax in the ears are some other inducing factors. But the good news is that tinnitus is treatable.

    Without visiting the doctor you can try out a few natural treatments. Cleaning of ears is highly recommended if you have come to the realization that your ears are in fact dirty. For the quickest relief pour warm water in the ear and empty it out by tilting your head. This melts the wax and clears your ears of excess wax. In addition to this you can relax ear nerves by rotating the head in a cyclic motion. When the cause of the ringing is loud sound then wearing ear protection plugs at workplaces works well. Soft music is another sound therapy method that has been known to work. Listen to low pitched music and allow yourself to be immersed in soft silence for a few days.

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