TopicHow to Help Yourself Fall Asleep

  • Mon 26th Aug 2019 - 10:48am

    One of the problems that faces many people is the difficulty in falling asleep atZz Snore night. People will lie in bed for hours, rolling over from one side to the next, hoping that eventually they'll be able to sleep. That strategy, unfortunately, is one of the worst for falling asleep at night, so here's a list of better approaches.First, exercise. By exercising more often, you will ensure that your body is physically tired in addition to being mentally tired. This mixture of both types of exhaustion helps you fall asleep because your body will no longer resist your efforts. Without exercise, sometimes your muscles will be too tense and so, you will feel like your body is almost shaking while you try and sleep.

    Next, get your body on a regular sleep schedule, and turn your clock away from you. Having a regular sleep schedule will help your body know when it should be sleeping and when it should be awake. By training it in this manner, you'll have an easier time going to sleep as your body will also be expecting you to go to sleep. By turning your clock away from you when you are sleeping, you will avoid the habit of staring at the time, counting the minutes that you haven't slept during. As such, start forming a regular sleep schedule but don't be overly strict about it.

    Lastly, don't use electronics for at least a half hour before bed. The LCD screens in all of our technological devices are hard on our eyes and make it difficult to transition from looking at them to going to sleep. What's more, using these devices can often be high stress causing your body to tense up just before it goes to bed. Instead, try and read a book or write before going to bed. These activities will help calm your body and help you sleep.

    In the end, the most important thing to help you fall asleep at night is to not try so hard to do it. If you can't sleep, get up, do something else, get your mind off of it. Otherwise, you'll be up all night in bed, and not very happy in the morning.


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