Topic Default Or Design? 3 Mindset Shifts to Unleash Your Passion-Fueled Success

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 10:36am

    What you choose as a vocation or career, get good at your craft, and never stop learning, Reality Bending Secrets adapting to the newest and latest skills, embracing change, and always staying current. All that lives on planet earth is either growing or decaying - nothing living stands still. We humans are no exception. So get good at your craft, whatever that is.

    Do you want more in depth information about winning in life? I have just completed two new books on changing one's circumstances in life and overcoming obstacles in the way to winning. One is titled "Retirement Living in the Philippines", which covers in detail the process of making such a change by following the achievement process in this article.
    Many people view success in terms of power, wealth, or fame. This is not the true success that a lot of people strive for and accomplish every day. Many of the most enduring and satisfying forms of success have nothing do with acquiring power, wealth, or fame.

    Success is what you make it. For some people it is just keeping busy, having fun and enjoying life as never before.

    Lots of people have a goal of wanting to make bucket loads of money so they can do nothing. The people who have this desire most often hate their jobs. They have given up trying and cannot believe they will ever achieve their financial goals through their career. It is easy to fall into this trap.



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