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  • Wed 24th Apr 2019 - 11:01am

    For the purpose of this discussion we will stick to the way you control 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review  and use your mental focus in your psychology self improvement. Mental focus refers to the thoughts, ideas, images and conversations you hold in your mind on a daily basis. Your conscious mind can only focus on one thing at any time although there are millions of things going on around you all the time. What's wrong is always there, but so is what is right and what we focus on determines what we think about.We all become what we think. We are what we think and we always move towards the "image" of our ideal selves. By definition an improvement in our thoughts will lead to an improvement in our lives and our destiny. But what is a thought? The process of thinking is nothing but a process of asking and answering questions in our mind and this process, mostly, happens unconsciously. Whenever something happens to us there are two automatic questions that our subconscious minds immediately ask: what does this mean and what should I do next. If we want to have an extraordinary psychology we need to take conscious control of this process until it is conditioned in our subconscious minds.

    If we then want to have improve our psychology, we firstly need to learn the skill of asking ourselves questions that will direct our focus. Whenever you find yourself thinking about anything that is disempowering and leading to emotions like anger, overwhelm, jealousy ex. you need to bring your mind and mental focus back to what's most important by consciously asking yourself a new question. Remember that the thoughts we dwell on will eventually manifest themselves in our lives.Imagine, just for a second, that something happens that makes you feel angry. Immediately your focus is on what made you angry and if you focus on it long enough your mind will come up with more references and eventually you will be feeling furious. Imagine now that someone came up to you and said: "good morning miss, can you tell me what time it is?" and immediately your mind is distracted from what caused the anger and you feel fine. By simply asking yourself the question "what else can this mean" and by really searching for alternative and empowering answers you can immediately change your mental focus and that is one powerful way of starting your journey on improving your psychology.




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