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  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 8:25am

    Some studies show that in a blind test organic apples were sweeter and firmer. In Pure Greens Review some it showed that there was no difference. So it does completely up to you wither or not this food tastes better or are better for you. But dot be fooled with tricky labeling in the stores. If you want a certified mandated organic product look for the organic USAD seal.Processed salt, sugar and flour are considered "innocent" ingredients that gradually deprive the body of vital nutrients. These are white refined flour; white refined sugar and white refined salt, popular ingredients are considered poisons of the body. They are normally present in canned, processed and prepared foods, or your household flour or your table salt.

    Processed foods and other food by-products are some of the advancement that comes from the works of industrialization.We see flour, salt and sugar as white as the by-product after the industrial processing. It was bleached and broken down from its natural color. Pure whole flour and raw non-refined salt are normally gray or brown in color, while raw sugar is golden brown. Thus, when these ingredients are processed for long term storage and mass consumption, they undergo arduous, chemical transformation. Medical practitioners emphasized to be watchful of the amount of calories we consume; however, attention is shifting to the type of calories our body consumed. More specifically, the kind of salts, sugars and flours in the foods we eat.

    You can start to be aware of the processed sugar, salt and flour as silent poisons of our body.Try to read the labels of the items before you buy. Sugar is normally listed as Fructose, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sucralose or Saccharine. Try to avoid processed white sugar instead use natural brown sugar. Also try natural sea salt and rock salt because it is a good source of mineral-rich sodium and is now in a finer grain as well.

    When a bread product lists just flour, or enriched flour, try to choose bread with whole-wheat flour or another whole grain instead. This will allow a drastic cut down health risk from an otherwise healthy style of eating. A diet with lots of sugars, salts and flour-based carbohydrates is not within the healthy diet. Try using natural and unprocessed sugar, salt and flour to avoid irreversible risk on your health.



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