TopicThe Importance of Video Marketing on the Internet!

  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 5:35am

    Don't recreate the wheel. If you see a video that is related to a topic you want to promote, Vidvamp  analyze the techniques used. Notice which keywords are being used. You will feel comfortable with some and uncomfortable with others. Pick and choose the style and format(s) that you feel you could employ.Notice attentiongrabbing headlines. People get curious about unusual headlines. If you can use your keywords and make the headline catchy, you are on the right track. Do a keyword search in the Google Keyword Tool. Do several keyword searches using different keywords. For example, if your subject is how to cure acne. You could do a search on "cure acne" and another one on "teenage skin problems" and another one on "social stigma of teenage acne", etc. Each search would represent a separate video and keyword list for your campaign.

    Go to YouTube and click on "this month" and see what is hot right now. Try to get a feel for why a particular video has such high viewer volume and popularity.So, take one of the highly viewed titles and use that in a title for your product with a tag on the end with your information name. That will link you to a high number of viewers searching those keyword terms. Create a title that is similar. That will increase your clicks and video viewers because you are tagging on to some words that are currently being heavily searched.Go to You Tube and type in your subject and sort by view count. The videos with the high viewer count are the ones to study. Makes notes about how you could improve upon what is already being done.

    Have your primary keyword appear early and often. Put them in the title, the description file name, and video tags. Create multiple videos and optimize each one for each keyword lisSave your video file using your main keyword phrase. You can use hyphens in your domain name because no one will need to remember the domain name. They will be clicking on it to go to your site. And make it simple and straight forward, so that your subject is obvious and clearly recognized. An example might be or at the videos that YouTube shows you when you log in. These are the most popular videos at the current moment. More studying.

    People want to watch rather than read because it is simply easier and more entertaining. However, your video needs to give real information. "How to" videos are the best because they teach something that has value. Many people make chatty video about their ideas. Your ideas are not relevant to the viewer unless they impart useful information. An example might be someone wanting to talk about eye makeup. Discussing the importance of makeup and looking glamorous is less compelling that showing the viewer how to properly apply beautiful eye makeup. So, the old adage "show, don't tell" still applies.Making the actual video is much easier than you might imagine.


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