TopicA Success Tip - "If at First You Don't Succeed"

  • Sat 23rd Mar 2019 - 7:11am

    I must admit that in the arena of business I have failed a couple of times  No-BS Manifesting Course Review   sometime simply because I was naive enough to repeat the same mistakes. Until I learned the discipline of money, handling people and priorities in expenditure, I kept revolving around the same mountain. I am not advocating that in order to be successful you have to first fail and then you restart. There are people who get all their variables right the first time and boom, they take off. In the event that your first attempt does not hit the oil that you need, do not despair. Keep doing what is right, keep hammering the correct principles in. Stay within the confines of integrity and good corporate governance. When all temptations come raging, be faithful enough to withstand the pressures that comes with money and wealth.

    It is easier to see other people's weaknesses than your own. We do not budget time for INTROSPECTION. It is almost second nature to spend more time JUDGING and EVALUATING others. The gum pole in your eye seems less urgent than a match stick in your neighbor's eye. Be fair on yourself and deliberately IDENTIFY and CONVERT your weaknesses to STRENGTHS. See greatness in others for a change. People with limited or inaccurate information about you tend to misjudge or misunderstand you. The only revenge they deserve is FORGIVENESS.

    My advice to anyone is that there is need to take time understand people before branding them what they are not. You may see a nuisance in someone but in him is great amount of wisdom. Within a "murderer" exists deliverer; within an adulterer exist a great psalmist and worshiper. Sometimes it just depends on what you chose to MAGNIFY. It is unfortunate that we sometime judge others based on a few wrongs they have done and choose to ignore all the major accomplishments they have made. We choose to ignore all the good and focus on the negative. If we do not enjoy people's judgments over us then why do we expend a lot of energy wearing the judge's robes, ready to judge others by the same things we fail ourselves? Pretending to be immune from wrong doing is a recipe for absolute disaster.

    The next time you are tempted to judge others you need to step back a bit and assess how you personally fare in the same issue. You could be even worse than your neighbor except the fact that no one seems to know your story yet. The problem comes when you make yourself the Headmaster or Captain of the world. You make yourself the one who is always right and everyone else is wrong. There is a time and place for assessment of issues without being overly judgmental but objective.





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