Topic 5 Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 8:16am

    If you go to the Google search engine and enterNo-BS Manifesting Course "Kaysville Utah Tax Preparation", the first thing that appears in the results is the Local business results for tax preparation near Kaysville,UT. This is Google's online directory of businesses. Registration in this directory is free. Following the Google directory is a number of other online directories that list tax preparation firms. Conduct a similar search for your area and see which directories come up. Then go through the steps to enlist in these directories. reate an email marketing campaignAn email marketing campaign will mainly target your current clients. This may be something you can implement in the future if you don't have a list of your clients' emails. Through an email campaign, you can inform your clients of special offers, promote your website or blog, or send a semiannual newsletter with tax tips and information. A newsletter is an excellent way to stay in touch with clients throughout the year and encourage them to come back the following tax season.

    Build a purposeful blog A web log, or blog for short, is one of the newest forms of communicating online. Blogs began as online journals where people could share their ideas, thoughts, stories, photos and videos. Only recently have corporations recognized the value of a blog to connect to their customers. A major advantage to a blog is you can find free software and services that will host the blog. A CPA or tax preparer could use a blog to share insights and opinions on tax law or other tax related topics. I found one CPAs blog where he shares jokes and comics about taxes and tax preparation. Though blogs are casual in feel, remember you are still representing your practice, so it should be done tastefully. Use paid listings through search engines when cost effectiveMSN, Google, Yahoo and other search engines offer paid listings as a form of advertising. Paid listings, also known as sponsored links, usually appear at the top and at the right of search results. Companies pay to have their links appear on the search results page in these areas. This type of Internet marketing can be effective, especially when you are first creating your online presence. I recommend you hire an Internet marketing firm to manage and track your paid listings account. Your ads should focus on the demographic in your area to avoid spending a lot of money on ineffective advertising.

    When I received my license in 1977 to practice as a clinical psychologist in California, the last career move I would have considered possible was heading up the Soft Sell Internet Marketing community online. Why? Because within the helping profession of psychotherapy, any suggestion of marketing, advertising, or selling was considered unethical. And it wasn't even just a "consideration" - it was punishable by the Board of Psychology - who issued and controlled my license to practice. Later, after I married my husband Jim Sniechowski, PhD we worked together providing couples counseling and relationship workshops - still shackled by the forbiddance of never promoting, never selling.So imagine the shock we felt when three years ago we got involved in Internet marketing and had to learn how to market and sell. And continue in your imagination to realize that all the sales and marketing models on the web were hard sell - combat driven lingo and pushy, pushy, pushy.Well, the Universe has a great sense of humor because in fairly short order, we found ourselves not only teaching Soft Topic Copywriting to a hungry crowd of Soft Sell Marketers, we then realized that there were millions of people like us who needed support to expand their marketing mindset to include the heart, the relationship, the full exchange - rather than just "pay me, I'm worth it."

    If you find yourself in our dilemma, wanting to expand your influence yet allergic to selling or marketing, rest assured you're not alone - far from it. So, first of all take comfort in that. Second, take heart from the fact that soft sell marketing embodies a new way to look at the sales experience - a way that rests on respect and care for your future buyer rather than the typical one-sided opportunistic thinking that has dominated business offline and online for years and years. And then travel with me as we journey forward into the present moment - where Jim and I find ourselves the producers of the only Internet marketing conference for the soft sell community, "Bridging Heart and Marketing." It's been an awesome experience to put forth a new heart-based approach to marketing and be met with huge appreciation by an audience who has felt unsupported if not ignored by those teaching sales and marketing.



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