Topic Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 4:46am

    While this is WIDELY reported in the literature on statins, the PhysioTru Reviewmuscle weakness seems to baffle practicing physicians who could easily remedy the situation, but prefer to try the patient on different statin medications until they have exhausted all of their statin options (and exhausted their patients!). So, the question becomes- what are we doing to children when we deplete their cellular energy?! We already have a nation of tired sick people. Are we making these children destined for a lifetime of obesity, fatigue and ill health in the name of 'lowered cholesterol'? Their are LOTS better ways to lower High Cholesterol and, as usual, it absolves the Physician of the responsibility to find the REASON WHY the child has high cholesterol in the first place. Then it comes to the cardiac ailments cholesterol level turns out to be major issue. Basically this is necessary to build the intestinal walls in our body, it is also important to strengthen the digestion system. It turns out to be dangerous for human being after certain point of time.

    There are two types of cholesterol - good and bad. Whenever we measure this level of a person they are measured as HDL and LDL. Out of these HDL is good and LDL is bad for the body. The healthy or ideal cholesterin levels differ upon your age, medical position, sex, etc. Men & women have varying situations of their internal system as per their hormones. Generally women have higher amounts of good ones or HDL and lower parts of bad ones or LDL. But this is before menopause. Actually estrogen that is the female sex hormone raises the good cholesterol in their body. Now after menopause, the estrogen reduces in the human body as a result of which the women are at a higher risk of heart diseases. en & women are normally recommended to have different levels in terms of HDL cholesterol. Men usually have HDL less than 40 mg/dL and women have it less than 50 mg/dL. Ideally they both should have it above 60 mg/dL. For women here we are talking about the pre menopause phase.

    Before coming to the recommended cholesterin level, we need to understand the connection between hormone replacement therapy (HRT) & the cardiovascular diseases. Earlier people thought that replacing the lost sex hormones in the women body in the post menopausal phase would actually lower the risk of the cardio vascular diseases in women. They could reap the benefits of estrogen once again. Now the studies have proved that estrogen or progestin therapy instead of reducing the risk of heart attack, enhance it all the more.



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