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Soldier Prestige rewards

Once you reach your overall rank of 55, you can reach a new area of the Headquarters known as Prestige Outlook, found down the passage right of where you find your Mail.

By visiting the General on the edge of the cliff you can Soldier Prestige, which does the following:

  • Resets you back to Rank 1
  • Resets weapon, equipment, Basic Training and Scorestreak unlocks
  • Keeps weapon attachments, Challenge, camo, calling card progression
  • Unlocks a unique Prestige Player card, Prestige helmet
  • Unlocks a new class slot
  • Gives you one Prestige Unlock token (allowing you to unlock anything permanently, even after Prestige)
  • Adds a temporary Prestige symbol in Headquarters
  • Permanent access to Prestige Overlook in Headquarters
  • Achievement / Trophy unlock

Division Prestige rewards

Each of the five Divisions have their own ranks. Once you have levelled the fourth rank, you can choose to Prestige like you would your overall Soldier rank. Doing so resets all perks up until that point (all of which are explained in our Division guide) and for the first time on any Division, an Achievement or Trophy.

Like Soldier Prestige you can Division Prestige more than once, giving additional bonuses:

  • Division Prestige 1: Unique weapon and Basic Training
  • Division Prestige 2: Unique Player Card
  • Division Prestige 3: Unique Uniform
  • Division Prestige 4: Weapon variant

Weapon Prestige rewards

Each weapon - both primary and secondary - also has its own rank. As you rank up a weapon you will unlock more attachments, and deciding to Prestige from rank 12 at the Gunsmith in the Headquarters resets those unlocks, but gives you the following in return:

  • Prestige 1 - Clan Tag
  • Prestige 2 - Kill Counter

You can add both to the weapon customisation area in its own Prestige field. Like Prestiging elsewhere, it's a neat cosmetic bonus to justify the hours you've put into multiplayer.



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