Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta - How to Get Access FAQ

Mon 21st Aug 2017 - 10:56am : Daily News - Other

We’ve seen a lot of questions about how to get access to the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta on Twitter and wanted to put this article together to clarify some of the details.

When is the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta? 

The beta schedule is:

  • BETA WEEKEND 1: PS4 only
    • Start: August 25 at 10AM Pacific
    • End: August 28 at 10AM Pacific
  • BETA WEEKEND 2: PS4 and Xbox One
    • Start: September 1 at 10AM Pacific
    • End: September 4 at 10AM Pacific

Activision has not announced yet when the beta will be available for PC. Stay tuned.

How do I get access to the Private Beta? 

In order to play in the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta, you have to pre-order Call of Duty: WWII either digitally or at a retailer.

Digital Pre-orders: 

If you have pre-ordered Call of Duty: WWII digitally on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, you do not need a code. Once the beta becomes available on your platform, you will be able to download it directly from the console store.

Activision has not announced when pre-loading of the private beta will begin. International PlayStation Facebook pages have shared promotional images suggesting pre-loading of the beta will begin on August 22. We’ll share a new post once a date and time is officially confirmed.

Retail Pre-orders: 

If you pre-ordered Call of Duty: WWII at a retailer, you must ask your retailer for the beta code. If you have pre-ordered at a retailer already, and still have not received your code, you need to contact the retailer. They should have a code for your if confirm your pre-order with them.

NOTE: Amazon US states beta codes will be sent out 2-3 business days after you pre-order. GameStop, BestBuy, and other retailers in US should have printed your beta code on the receipt at the time of pre-order. Amazon international has not shared when they will send out codes. Please contact them for support. 

Once you get a code from the retailer, be sure to visit and redeem the code on the site. Once you’ve redeemed it there, you’re all set!

Activision has not announced yet when they will send out the beta download codes. As of now, they have stated they will email the beta codes to those who have redeemed a pre-order code on the website “closer to the start of the private beta”. Last year for the Infinite Warfare beta, they also let people find their beta codes by logging in to the Call of Duty website.

Stay tuned for more information.



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