New playlist update for Infinite Warfare: adjust S&D bomb sites, token refunds, and more

Wed 14th Dec 2016 - 12:04pm


A new playlist (hot fix) update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has rolled out on PS4 and Xbox One.

This playlist update now allows all players who have received the Hailstorm – Thunder with the Loyalty bonus to now use it in game regardless of their level.

This new playlist update has brought the previously announced bomb site adjustments to Breakout, Scorch, Precinct, Frost, Retaliation, and Throwback. Some players are also reporting that they received their Prestige Unlock Token back after spending it on the Drone Package.


Zombies in Spaceland

  • Update to kick timing
  • MP unlocked camos from challenges are unlocked in both public and custom games in Zombies now.
  • Added player nameplates
  • Zombies Fix for crafting stations no longer working if a player disconnected while the machine was currently crafting.

Objective and CWL:

Map Adjustments:

  • Precinct
    • Uplink: moved start spawns on Garden side. Moved goal in Garden. Removed some aggressive rooftop resets around the Garden goal. Removed some 15 sports on the map.
    • Search and Destroy: Moved B bombsite to under Contruction
  • Frost
    • Search and Destroy – Moved A bombsite towards mid-map on the cliff lane
    • Moved Bomb pickup location closer to taem spawns by Cryo
  • Throwback
    • Search and Destroy: Moved A bombsite under the bridge at Bike Path . Moved B bombsite up against Silo.
    • Uplink: Throwing the ball straight up doesn’t result in a reset. Goal near Concession adjusted slightly.
  • Scorch
    • Search and Destroy: Moved B bombsite closer to Drill. Moved ball spawns for Uplink and Defender
  • Breakout
    • Search and Destroy: Moved A bombsite to Showers. Moved B bombsite to Cliff Road near Medical
    • Uplink: Removed some aggressive rooftop resets around the Cell Block rooftops to allow the ball to be thrown over
  • Retaliation
    • Search and Destroy: Moved A bombsite to Bridge

Payload Updates:

  • Synaptic Traits Adjustments – CWL Rules ONLY:
    • Combat Burst: Time speed bonus remains active is 3s for CWL
    • Propulsion: Time before thrusters start to recharge increased slightly. time for thrusters to recharge increased significantly. Changes put the trait more inline with Afterburner from BO3
    • Rushdown: 2.5s delay added to recharge time. Time between dodges is no 7.5s. Reduced speed and distance dodged slightly.
  • FTL Trait Adjustments – CWL ONLY:
    • Power Slide: Extra slide distance removed

Game Modes:

  • CTF:
    • Exploit fixed. Will return next week.
  • Hardpoint:
    • Revised Hardpoint spawn logic.
  • Uplink
    • Slight adjustment to release angle and force behind throwing the drone
    • This will allow the drone the be thrown a little farther and feel friendlier
    • The goal ‘pickup’ radie to grab the drone has been increased slightly to make throws feel a little friendler to score
    • Make sure you head into Custom Games and turn on Practice Mode to get a feel for it!

Weapon Balance:

  • Mauler – Mammoth – Recoil increase
  • R.A.W. – Increased hip spread. Slight recoil increase.
  • Fists – No longer force a quick swap when in the secondary slot. This allows YY’ing to feel smoother.
  • DMR-1 – Now a 1 shot kill to the head
  • EBR-800 – Increased ADS recoil return speed to help with shot recovery
  • Akimbo – Slight reduction in damage range. Increase in hip spread scale
  • Kendall 44 – Increased hip spread
  • Hornet – Increased hip spread
  • Assault Rifles – Increased base hip spread for all ARs without special hip spread values. This includes the NV4, OSA, Type-2.
  • OSA – No longer has reduced hip spread relative to other Assault Rifles. Inherits the new values set on Assault Rifles in this patch. Increased recoil to compensate for high fire rate being used at range.
  • Kbar-32 – Increased hip spread values. These are still lower than the base Assault Rifle hip spread keeping with the weapon’s theme. No longer has a reduction in recoil off the first shot. Reduced 5 shot kill range.
  • Volk – Slight reduction in recoil. Increased 3 shot range.
  • R3K – Increased 3 shot kill range to help this weapon compete with other ARs

General Fixes:

  • Fixes Thunderstorm not being unlocked for BO3 players – salvage refund issued to all players who crafted the Hailstorm prior to the BO3 incentive
  • Double XP now applies to Match Bonus, Weapon Challenges and Challenges.
  • Fixed an issue where camo challenges requiring a 3-streak only required a 2-streak


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