EnVyUs wins the 2016 Call of Duty Championship

Mon 5th Sep 2016 - 9:23am

In the end it came down to Team EnVyUs (NA) versus Splyce (EU), North America versus Europe, a first for Call of Duty Championships. Splyce had a stunning victory over FAB games previously but couldn’t pull off the win against Team EnVyUs. Optic Gaming and FaZe’s early elimination was a shock to everyone but as it turns outs the top 6 put on quite a show. Here are the top 8:

1st: Team EnVyUs ($800,000)
2nd: Splyce ($250,000)
3rd: Team eLevate ($150,000)
4th: FAB Games ($120,000)
5th: Cloud9 ($70,000)
6th: Rise Nation ($70,000)
7th: USA OpTic Gaming ($50,000)
8th: USA FaZe Clan ($50,000)



Team Owner and Founder

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